Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the body. It is stored in the muscles next to the lungs; Over 60 per cent of all body muscles are glutamine. It is made of 19 per cent nitrogen making it the main nitrogen carrier in the body. It is also a source of energy to most body cells.

Glutamine is very common with athletes as it can be used to speed up post-exercise recovery and to prevent infections after an athletic event. It can also be used for commercial purposes to enhance muscle growth in demanding sports such as bodybuilding. Here is a detailed look of the many benefits of glutamine to men:

Ease burns and trauma

The results of a study that was carried on about 50 adults who had severe burns in the year 2003 shown that glutamine supplements reduces blood infection leading to a reduced mortality rate as well as a prevents certain types of pathogens.

Glutamine relieves the side effects of cancer treatment

Most doctors prescribe glutamine to cancer patients to reduce inflammation in the lining of the mouth, diarrhea, tingling toes and fingers and sore throat. This has shown positive results in the patients undergoing chemotherapies, bone marrow transplants and those receiving radiation therapy.

Speeds the healing of wounds in postoperative patients

The results of a 2001 study on patients who went through surgery stated that the patients who took glutamine supplements shown tremendous improvement in nitrogen balance, enhanced protein synthesis and a decreased glutamine concentration in the muscles. The patients who took glutamine stayed for a shorter period in the hospital.

Prevents muscle breakdown as well as stimulate new growth

During exercise, the level of glutamine in the muscles and the blood reduces. The muscles are also torn down after intense exercise. To build new muscles, you need to feed the muscles with nutrients and stimulate protein synthesis. The intake of glutamine before exercise ensures that it is supplied in the muscles to prevent muscle breakdown. The body uses glutamine to build muscle mass and synthesize protein.

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